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The Perfect Gift! Even if it is For Yourself!

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Chanel Medium Quilted Caviar Boy Bag Black Silver A13043 VS06151



CHANEL 1112 Beige Large 2.55 Calfskin Leather Flap Bag With Gold Hardware

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My Thoughts on the Spirit Cheer Sneakers By Pastry


Harmony’s new Custom Spirit Sneaker for cheer, tennis and dance by Pastry. These are listed as a Spirit sneaker, but as I said they also say dance and tennis, so we thought these would be great for Harmony to use to practice some of her dancing.


They arrive in a black shoe box sporting the label name across the top.


Inside they are wrapped in tissue and all laced up and ready to wear.


They have a velcro strap that attaches on both sides and it completely customizable. The strap is removable because it attaches on each side of the lacing, The velcro is stitched on firmly and seems to be capable of lots of wear and tear. The sneaker can be worn with or without the strap.

The back bears the brand logo in a silver detailing. The toe is sleek and fitted to make precision movement possible and easier.


The sides have a bit of the silver detailing as well. The seams are double stitched and padded for extra comfort.


The base of the sneaker has a slight tread for traction, but should allow easy movement without too much resistance.


Lastly is the interior,  A nice soft cushion of comfort that allows the lightweight sneaker to stay comfortable all day long, even if it is on your feet!My daughter absolutely loves them and says it is like dancing in with little pillows on her feet. I think these are going to be a favorite for her dance practice!

Check them out here:





I received this product at a discounted rate in order to review it.

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My Thoughts on The Resin Molds for Jewelry by Outgeek


The set is a 25 piece set that is a great starter kit or even an add on kit for someone who is already making jewelry. I got this one for my adult daughter who has been making jewelry for a few years, but wanted to branch out into making resin pieces. I love that it has the flat spatulas as well as the spoons and droppers needed. There are even 5 different shaped tube molds to be able to make all different shape beads.

It comes with

  • 10 Pack Jewelry Casting Molds Silicone Resin Jewelry Molds
  • 5 Stirrers
  • 5 Spoons
  • 5 Droppers

The blocks have all sorts of different design shapes in  them. This mold has rectangles and a few other standard geometric shapes. The molds also have a peg inside to allow the resin piece to be strung or have a jump ring inserted easily into it.


This one has some rounded shapes as well as a puzzle piece. Overall I would say it is a pretty comprehensive shape set.


This one has what looks like faceted gem stones shapes. I think it would be so neat to make my own glitter gem!


There is also this ring mold which could be used to make all different things. If the wrist is small and flexible enough, possibly even a bracelet.


There is also the ball mold. It is two pieces that snap together.  I am asking my daughter to make a clear ball with it, that we are going to place a little panda figurine inside, and add some glitter to make a really fun and unique display piece.


Last thing I would like to mention is that it arrives in a plastic bag as shown, so if you are gifting it, I would recommend a gift bag!


You can get one here





I received this item at a discounted rate in order to review it.

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My Thoughts on the LED Light Gloves by Vivreal


These are so fun! I originally got them for Halloween, but seriously I have so many fun plans for them. I think they will be great at Fright Night which is a local amusement parks Halloween thrills and chills event.You are not allowed to wear a costume, but glow stuff is not a costume so these will work perfect. They would also be great for Glow Parties. We just went on a cruise that had a glow even in on the deck one night, as well as a glow party in one of the night clubs. We have a local Forth of July fun night that would be great for these, and I also think that even just walking in the evening or being outside will make sure we are more visible.

They arrive in a nice unassuming package. looking like any regular gloves to keep your fingers warm.


They have a convenient on and off switch on each glove which is in the cuff on the same side as the lights. The sticker can be removed once you know where to find the button, or can be left on.


Inside the cuff there is a pull tab to keep the batteries fresh and this is where you access the entire battery box.

These would be fun to wear to an evening town event, or a concert so much possibilities! They can be worn with the lights on the back of the hand or the palm.

I had to wiggle my fingers to get the on because I was being careful not to put stress on the lights. I do have chubby fingers, but they were still fairly easy to get on and off.  They also have different modes so the lights blink, They can vary and rotate through the fingers, have different fingers lit constant, or are all on constant. These are going to be so much more fun this winter than plain old gloves. I think I am going to have to get a pair for my husband and my youngest daughter as well, or they are going to take mine!

Check them out here:


I received this product at a discounted rate in order to review it.

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My Thoughts on the Women’s Sherpa Pullover Fleece Sweater Hoodie by Sherro


This is my newest warm weather find. It is a drawstring hoodie that is a Sherpa design by Sherro. It is available in Beige, Black, Green, Navy, Pink, Red, and White. Here is what it looks like from the back.


SO as you can see it has a cute V Neck design in the front. I love that feature V Neck hoodies are so rare, but I love being able to show off a pretty necklace without it getting swallowed by the neckline.

Next up is the drawstrings. They are super cute as well. They are not a typical round cord. These are a flat textured strand that are much more fun and interesting.

The craftsmanship on this is just as impressive. The stitch work and seams are all even and consistent. The ribbed detailing of the cuff just adds to the interest of the piece as well. I just love all these little details that make me happy to wear it!


There is a comfortable slit on each side! Brilliant!! I love this because it allows me to sit comfortably without tugging at the bottom because it bunched up or pulled taught. Seriously these people must have read my mind when they made this sweater.


Last but not least, the hood. It just gives the whole thing an easy breezy vibe. It says I am cute and trendy, and I do not take life too seriously to know how to have fun and enjoy it!. I Love it! a Sherpa AND a Hood! Best part is if it is really cold I can use my fashion statement as a functional way to keep my ears warm! WIN WIN WIN!!

I am guessing you might want one too now, so, you can get one for yourself right here!



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My Thoughts on the Lexiart Plus Size Bohemian Wrap Maxi Dress


I am so in love with this dress. The print is fantastic. I am planning to wear it to the next white glove tea party I go to because it just feels so free and fun, but has a beautiful garden luxury look to it.


This is a view of the back side of the dress. It has a higher back, almost to the neck. The pictures here are all straight out of the package. There are a few creases, due to packing, but I am really excited that this fabric seems to be a pack and go type. I should be able to toss it in my carry on and wear it out of the case!

The gather at the left side of the waist where the wrap is stretchy and connected so there is no need to worry about it accidentally falling open on you (Yes that has happened to me before so I LOVE this.)


The band around the neck line is a generous cut a little over and inch and a half wide. It causes the dress to lay flat perfectly without binding up or rolling.


The stitch work is impeccable. Every seem is even and straight. The quality in the craftsmanship is evident inside and out.


The fabric is super comfortable and with great stretch & give to it. The fit is very figure flattering & the belt allows you to cinch it to a perfect fit!

So, if you want to get one of your very own, you can get one here!

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Lexiart Women’s Long Sleeve Ruffle Top and Pants, 2 Piece Sporty Outfit


Are you a fashion forward trend setter? I love cutting edge fashion!! Check out this new 2 piece ruffle outfit by Lexiart. It comes in the hot pink color, a bright yellow, or an army green. These pictures are all right out of the package because I could not wait to show you how cute it is!


This set is so trendy I just love it. The best part is, that is is so comfortable. It feels like wearing lounge wear, with the fashion of a runway set. Why should we have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, or comfort for fashion? We should not have to!! Thanks to this set, we don’t!!


The top has two ruffles on each sleeve, as well as down the front of each leg. The fabric has just enough stretch to it to make it super comfortable.

There is a gather band at each sleeve, foot hole, and the waist of the top and bottom.


There is a nice drawstring at the pants waist to allow for a perfect fit.  The seams are all snugly sewn and well made.


One last AWESOME Feature, is the Pockets! Yes, there are two pockets so You have a place to stash your cell phone or anything else you need to carry!



You can get one here

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I received this set at a discounted rate in order to review it.