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My Thoughts on Morning Pep Pure Birch Xylitol Sweetener



This Made in the USA product is a sweetener I am checking out because my family eats a Ketogenic lifestyle and we do not eat sugar. I have a thirteen year old though, and she likes to have cookies and cakes, and Mocha Coffee drinks! I will admit I do like a sweetened cup of coffee myself, so I need to have a good substitute.
I particularly like that it is perfect to substitute in all my recipes.
It has the same sweetness rating as sugar so it substitutes equally. It dissolves the same way as sugar, and  Xylitol is heat-stable for cooking and baking so it bakes like sugar as well.

I love that it is non GMO. This Xylitol is made from Birch trees and not at all from corn like some forms of Xylitol. It is also Kosher And free of, Wheat, Gluten, Soy & Dairy.


It comes in a resealable container.

There are some really impressive health benefits to switching to Xylitol as well. Even if you still like to use sugar, every bit that you substitute has health benefits such as

Oral health:
Xylitol reduces plaque and fights off the bacteria that causes tooth decay. It even can neutralize Streptococcus bacilli therefor helping prevent infections in the mouth. and getting rid of halitosis which is another word for bad breath. Helping rid the mouth of bacterias can also help with bad breath! BONUS!!

Here is a great mouthwash recipe and a toothpaste recipe you can make with the Xylitol:

½ Cup water
½ Cup pure aloe vera juice
5 Tablespoon Morning Pep xylitol
2 Tablespoon baking soda
6 Drops Morning Pep tea tree essential oil
Mix all together.
Rinse and gargle as desired


½ Cup organic coconut oil
2 Tablespoon Morning Pep Xylitol
2 Tablespoon baking soda
Add 8 drops Morning Pep essential oil such as peppermint, orange or tea tree or combination of the three
Mix together

Xylitol is chemically processed. It is still a form of sugar but the process makes it so that the body cannot break down the carbohydrates into simple sugars. That means it will not cause insulin level spikes that sugar does. It also means that it does not count for my daily carbs with Ketogenics, since they are not processed in the body. It has 1/3 the calories and 1/4 the carbs.


I found that I did not miss the sugar in anything I tried Xylitol as a substitute. I used it for coffee, homemade Keto friendly cookies, homemade ice cream, and cupcakes, and I never had anyone who tasted my creations notice any difference, so to me that says a lot!


Check out more recipes and other great benefits from Xylitol use, as well as get some for yourself right here!:


Check out my You Tube Video where I do a comparison of sugar to Xylitol by tasting, appearance, and dissolving it in water.


**WARNING For Pets** Even though it is considered perfectly safe for humans,  numerous studies have shown that xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs and other pets and can be fatal if ingested.

I was provided this product at a discounted rate in order to review it.

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My RevivHair REV Review


This is my latest find in Self improvement Beauty products.

It is a serum used directly on the scalp with wet or dry hair. It is meant to be used 3 times day or so. I have been using it for about 6 weeks. I have been doing it three times pr day pretty faithfully but I will admit there were definitely a few sessions that I skipped. I always used it after the shower and right before bed, before putting on my silk sleeping hat. I tried most days to use some shortly after lunch, but it was occasionally right before dinner. i really just tried to make sure I was getting in three times for more effectiveness.


The serum itself has no aroma,.. it is pretty much odorless. It is a clearish like oil type serum substance, but it does not lave my hair greasy or weighed down. I actually think the main ingredient may be water since it is listed first. Which is probably why it is still light on my hair.

So I do not wear hair ties often because they tend to rip out a bunch of my hair. I did a tie test, and it was about two weeks of use from the first before test picture, to the second after test picture. You can see there was a lot more fallout breakage before I started using theRevivHair REV Serum.

SO here are some pics of my hairline before one wet one dry. You can see here there is no new growth, only sparce and thinning hair. So Sad!

This is a picture of my hairline after 3 weeks. You can see where there is some new growth right at the hairline. Hooray for New Baby Hairs!! This was such a wonderful sight to behold.

This image is at about 5-6 weeks. Here you can see there is actually some decent growth starting to take hold. Oh it makes me so happy!! I just am so excited at ow much potential my hair has now.



SO after testing this out for a month and a half or so, I am pretty happy with the results. My hairline and scalp are happy too! I did not experience any discomfort or itching at all while I was using this. If you re struggling with hair strength, breakage, loss or lack of luster, you should try this for yourself! Oh and as a bonus, it also helps to reverse grey hair! How is that for a nice bonus. I know platinum hair is the rage right now, but I will take my natural dark brown over salt and pepper hair every single day of the week!!

You can get some for yourself here:

#RevivHairREV #RevivSerums #greyhairreverse, #Greyverse, #Darkenyl, #thickerhair #RevivHair

Check out my You Tube Video showing the New Hair growth too!






I was provided this product at a discounted rate in order to review it.

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My Thoughts on The Vacay Now Program


I was asked to take a look at this program and share my thoughts on it.

In theory I think it is a great idea. Buying power in large blocks can save lots of money. It is how travel agents can offer perks above what the cruise companies can offer at the same scale of pricing. They buy cabins in bulk then get perks for it, then pass the perks along to the customers. So this program could potentially do the same thing.

They offer a 1 year membership for $199.00, or you can get a monthly membership for $19.00.

They offer discounts on all different forms of travel and vacations. The problem is. I was able to get a better price on a cruise I tested, going directly to the cruise company. Here is a comparison of the one I mocked on their site and the one I did on the cruise ship site.

I compared similar cabin locations and categories and got a cheaper rate on the cruise company website without having to pay the $199 fee.

VacaNow Comparison

It is possible there are other savings to be had on the site. I just did not happen to find any for the way I shop and vacation. I am a bargain hunter and am always looking for the best way to get a bang for my buck! They also state that they can save money on hotels, condo rentals, resorts, cruises, restaurants. golf clubs, theme parks, concerts, movie tickets, shopping, camping, hiking fishing, scuba diving, site seeing, tickets and sporting events.

You can check them out here and see if it might work better for your vacationing needs!




I received this product at a discounted rate in order to review it.

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My Thoughts on the Aspen Tykes “Moov” Lifestyle Bag called the Tyke Traveller

There is just so much to say about this bag. It is more a lifestyle hack than a bag. I got this for my Thirteen year old daughter to use for school this year. It is her favorite color, and that matters a lot to her!. What matters to me is the quality is fantastic.


I can be used with the shoulder strap or as a backpack and even has a velcro closure flap to keep the straps down if you are using the shoulder strap. It can also be used on a stroller.



It opens up from the top, or as a completely openable and acessible bag.


It has two insulated side pockets, one on each side, to keep something warm, or keep a water bottle or baby bottle cool.


It is durable with strong hardware and zippers as well as a base that can be stood upright on the floor or ground.


I mentioned before that it can be used as a diaper bag or a regular bag. It has a diaper changing pad that is secured with velcro tabs and magnets, but can easily be removed to be used as a regular bag like we are doing.

Ok so here is a really unique feature, the “xCheck” system. It has a design feature that shows an “X” on the pockets that are empty. When the designated item is out in the pocket half of the “X” is covered and it turns into a check mark. This will help my daughter stay organized and make sure she has filled or replaced everything in the bag and in the right spot.

Another great feature is the wipe off labels. It comes with a page of inserts that you can either write on directly yourself, or slip into the pocket and use dry erase markers to label each pouch. My daughter really enjoyed this feature.

It can hold up to a 17″ Laptop, and as I mentioned before the convertible straps can be used for almost any purpose and setup so it truly can work from baby to graduation and beyond because it has so many pockets and so many customizable ways to use it.


I also have a special discount code for you guys to get a great deal on one for yourself!

@moov_usa #tyketraveler, #moovusa,  #AspenTyke #BackToSchool

Check out my You Tube video for it here:



I was provided this product at a discounted rate in order to review it.

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My Thoughts on the SnuggleBees Swaddle


This is for the swaddle by SnuggleBees. It comes in two different sizes, 0-3 months , or 3-6 months. It can be purchased in the solid mint green that I got or in two other patterns. One is elephants and one is fish,

A friend of mine just had a sweet little baby girl so I needed a nice gift. She has already had three kids, two are girls and one boy, so she already has lots of baby stuff. I wanted a nice gift that was new for the baby but not just like everything else she already had. I found this adorable snuggle in the perfect color of mint green. It is made with 100% GOT certified organic cotton, so I feel good about giving it as a gift. I love the color choice because she already has so much pink stuff.


It is made very well with a lot of attention to detail. The zippers slide easily enough to unzip them with one hand. The fabric is very soft and cozy feeling.



The zipper opens at the top and the bottom. The makes it so easy for diaper changes without having to completely undress the baby. Both sides are covered with a flap to make sure the baby is always protected from the zipper pull.

The bottom cover snaps shut with a smooth plastic snap. The bottom also opens up so you can put the babies legs in the opening to use is a car seat or other strap in things like a stroller or baby rocker.


The snuggle wrap piece can be wrapped around the front or the back, if you wanted to keep it attached and handy.61153095_10218842641355292_8588554176626163712_n

The entire wrap part can be removed if desired. This means you can let the baby have their arms swaddled in or left out to use and wiggle. It will make nursing the baby so much easier and makes it perfect for longer use, since it can be used as a sleep sack once the baby can roll over. Both sides have a zipper that can be used to attach or remove it.


Lastly it also comes with a storage bag! which I think will be great to stash a second one in the diaper bag!


You can get one here!!


This product was provided at a discounted rate in order to review it.

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The Perfect Gift! Even if it is For Yourself!

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Chanel Medium Quilted Caviar Boy Bag Black Silver A13043 VS06151



CHANEL 1112 Beige Large 2.55 Calfskin Leather Flap Bag With Gold Hardware

uubags just simply love designer bags and provide some seriously great affordable luxury bags. So when they kick off their Black Friday sale, it’s the perfect time to act.

For a limited time, you get 20% off sitewide, including handbags, wallets, belts and yes, even already-discounted sale items. Just use promo code UUBAGS at checkout to get the deal

Hint: Use the search bar to look for the bag you want quickly

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My Thoughts on the Spirit Cheer Sneakers By Pastry


Harmony’s new Custom Spirit Sneaker for cheer, tennis and dance by Pastry. These are listed as a Spirit sneaker, but as I said they also say dance and tennis, so we thought these would be great for Harmony to use to practice some of her dancing.


They arrive in a black shoe box sporting the label name across the top.


Inside they are wrapped in tissue and all laced up and ready to wear.


They have a velcro strap that attaches on both sides and it completely customizable. The strap is removable because it attaches on each side of the lacing, The velcro is stitched on firmly and seems to be capable of lots of wear and tear. The sneaker can be worn with or without the strap.

The back bears the brand logo in a silver detailing. The toe is sleek and fitted to make precision movement possible and easier.


The sides have a bit of the silver detailing as well. The seams are double stitched and padded for extra comfort.


The base of the sneaker has a slight tread for traction, but should allow easy movement without too much resistance.


Lastly is the interior,  A nice soft cushion of comfort that allows the lightweight sneaker to stay comfortable all day long, even if it is on your feet!My daughter absolutely loves them and says it is like dancing in with little pillows on her feet. I think these are going to be a favorite for her dance practice!

Check them out here:





I received this product at a discounted rate in order to review it.